iOS app development

We create mobile apps that are user-friendly, understandable and loved by users, taking into account Apple's requirements and guideline. The apps developed by our company use all the latest iOS platform technologies and get featurings in app stores.
Challenges and technologies
We define business goals and focus on future results: increasing sales, finding new customers and markets, supporting business processes, optimizing resources and strengthening competitiveness.
We research scenarios of future user behavior, looking for best practices.
Determine the functionality of the future application, analyze the need, priority, order and complexity of future features implementation.
Design the future interface, create and coordinate navigation schemes.
Create a general design concept and work out the design of each screen separately.
We develop the mobile application in 1-2 week iterations.
We suggest improvement and optimization ideas at each stage.
Connect testing from the early stage of development.
We pre-release the app page and publish it to the App Store.
We conduct analytics, track statistics of the product's business indicators.
We monitor the quality and relevance of the application code and improve the product by releasing updates.
What tasks do we solve?
We use a modular structure with a breakdown by layers and sometimes Feature-based modularity to simplify work with extensions (shared, apple watch, etc.). For UI we use UIKit + SnapKit, and some things we implement on SwiftUI.
In recent projects we used MVVM, RxSwift, Combine, Coordinators, Needle, Codogeneration to simplify routine tasks. But the final choice of technologies and tools will always depend on the tasks of a particular project.
Xcode — we use it to develop applications for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS.
YouTrack — is the software we use for project management.
Figma - we use it for creating interactive prototypes, interface design and transferring layouts to development.
Principle — we use this application to create interactive prototypes with complex animation of interface elements.
The choice of technologies and tools depends on the tasks of a particular project.
Authorization via social networks and phone number
Graphs and data visualization
Advanced push notifications
Work with files
System widgets and Live Activity
Built-in purchases and subscriptions
Identity verification systems (KYC)
Work with news feeds and publications
Audio and video content processing and sharing
Offline work and synchronization
Personal accounts and loyalty programs
Apple Watch suppor
Secure payment systems, payment integrations
Search, data filtering and catalogs
Our experience and expertise
We have developed over 80 applications and know the pitfalls of solving most problems:
Why us
We will develop the first version of a native iOS app from scratch in two to five months.
We will realize the whole development process from requirements preparation and research to publication in stores and post-release support.
We use unified modern standards and write documentation to simplify further support and development.
We implement projects of any level of complexity by our in-house team without involving third-party specialists.
We test the application on a large fleet of iOS devices and check its user-friendliness.
Comprehensive application development.
Recent releases
Coinchange app
Coinchange helps build a cryptocurrency portfolio, securely transfer and exchange popular tokens.
iOS series of mobile apps
Development of over two hundred themed affiliate apps for the largest online sports media outlet.
Development of a startup application on iOS and Android for Dater service.
Dater mobile app
We could write here what responsible professionals we are, but it's not for us to decide, but for our clients.
Dater Founder & CEO
Олег Dater
We chose CleverPumpkin for development when we saw that their product "ideology" and ambitions coincided with ours. The coolest task was to transfer WebRTC calls on VoxImplant platform to SRT protocol with their own server.
CTO Coinchange
Oleg Serebryany
We are happy to continue working and developing our joint application Coinchange together with the guys. On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank you for your proactive stance, speed, quality work!
Mark Ten
We have been working with CleverPumpkin for almost 10 years. During this time, the teams, products and technologies have changed, but the guys' involvement in's business has always been unchanged - it is thanks to this attitude that we have calmly passed all the most difficult situations.
They have a clear process in place, where the customer will be guided painlessly and seamlessly, sharing their expertise in mobile development, but listening sensitively to their wishes.
Project manager
Rustam Karabaev
Project manager
Ksenia Borzhova
We received timely answers to all our questions. In the process of work a lot of ideas were proposed, which, when implemented, really brought results. I am glad that the company employs responsible, friendly and experienced employees who care about the result.
Gift of Life
Chulpan Khamatova
Co-founder of the Foundation
We can't help children without new, modern, convenient mechanisms for collecting donations. And the mobile application that CleverPumpkin so professionally and carefully created for our foundation solves this problem.
Comprehensive application development
We will create a full-featured mobile application for you on a turnkey basis using native development tools.
Your application is ready, but there is no one to test it?
Our QA will evaluate its quality, reliability and user-friendliness.
Describe your task
We provide full-cycle mobile application development services — from business analysis and design to release and further development support. In addition, we can connect to an existing project at any stage.
You can also contact us by email:
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