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The iOS version is written using the new Apple API: Combine, SwiftUI and Composite Layout.
In this project, there were significantly fewer specific moments and difficulties on the testing side than on the development side, although working with Firebase Firestore is a new experience for us. But for example, one of the testing problems is the lack of server requests and responses in the usual form. Therefore, we could not edit them, generate errors, etc. But Firebase Firestore makes it possible to check the cases themselves with the displayed information instantly and conveniently. And also for the first time I am working with the service of video calls, broadcasts. This is of course a class!
Working with video was (and still is) difficult in the project. I've never worked with broadcasts before, and there were a lot of questions. But, at the same time, working with videos was the most interesting part, because this had never been done before and it was interesting to figure out how it works. We used the SRT protocol for a stable connection without packet loss and to protect against fluctuations in network bandwidth. Plus, working with the backend is based on firebase technologies — it's fun to get into them and some parts are very convenient to use in the project.
Dater is written using Apple's newest API: Combine, SwiftUI, Compositional layout. This allowed us to speed up development. Conditionally, what we used to spend a day on can now be implemented in an hour. But the most difficult thing on the project was the integration of SRT. This is a relatively new data transfer protocol and so far there are very few examples of its use in the public domain. But we still managed to integrate it.
User authorization is integrated via Firebase
iOS Developer

The video dating app of a streaming service for energized and informal communication. Make video calls, share your creativity, pump up your charisma, meet new friends and chat!

The Dater video dating and video broadcasting service mobile app

A new and interesting experience for the development team was working with streaming audio and video.
Android Team Lead
QA Lead
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The most active users get the status of Ambassador
There's always someone to talk to
Instant video calls to chat with new friends around the world
The energy for calls is replenished every 6 hours. It limits the number of encounters for which a dater can receive a reward for calls - coins
Iternal currency
Customize your account to your liking, include push notifications about internal parties, the beginning of Ambassadors' broadcasts and chat messages.
If you don't like the user, you can always terminate the call ahead of time. And if the interlocutor behaved incorrectly - add to the blacklist or send a complaint against him
Content is monitored by AI, guaranteeing safe calls and only vibrant conversations with live people
All calls last no more than 3 minutes. If you liked the interlocutor, the call can be extended if you have earned coins
The energy for calls is replenished every 6 hours. It limits the number of encounters for which a dater can receive a reward for calls - coins
Iternal currency
Our goal is to have an endless video party in phones, which you want to return to. We have been following the path of a web application for a long time: we believed in the potential of this exotic platform. But in the end, they recognized that for an adequate Retention Rate, it is necessary to completely transfer it to a native mobile application. We chose CleverPumpkin for development when we saw that the product "ideology" and ambitions of the guys coincide with ours. The coolest task was to transfer WebRTC calls on the VoxImplant platform to the SRT protocol with its server. We also had to work hard on synchronizing video calls between Android and iOS devices.

The result is the first release of a nice Dater application with working key functions. On this foundation we will now build various weighty mechanics.
Founder & CEO
Олег Dater
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