Application testing

We make a testing plan for the entire project or its first iterations together with project managers, create a list of future work, predict the scope and timings so that everything is under control at every stage.
Forecasting and estimation helps to plan timelines and workloads, connect to each iteration in a timely manner, reinforce the testing team during difficult phases to better manage the process and quality of development, and to meet all timelines.
We start testing at the very initial stages of project preparation. QA specialists familiarize themselves with the documentation and study all mock-ups when drafting the terms of reference and designing screens
Involvement of testers before the start of development helps to identify inconsistencies, non-obvious cases and states, to finalise layouts in advance, to make unaccounted comments in the terms of reference, to suggest features that will be useful in the application in the future.
Writing test cases. Test cases describe step-by-step verification of compliance of the tested functions with the established requirements. This document also includes information about all possible functionality of the application, how different parts of the application interact with each other, what happens after updates and changes.
Test cases are supplemented and adjusted throughout the project, capturing all project changes, specifics of network requests, every condition. Subsequently, all these materials are handed over to the customer as additional project documentation.
Testing is not a set of template actions. Our QA selects for each service the approaches that are required for them. The most careful and versatile tests cover all aspects of the future mobile application.
Each type of application requires its own tests that take into account its functionality, features, user behaviour. By selecting such tests we can cover everything necessary for this application, make sure that the user will use the best possible product.
Our testers are the first users of our apps, so they are responsible and meticulous. Their goal is the final version, which is as close to the ideal version as possible, so that it would be convenient to use, so in the process of their work the testing department also offers ideas for improvements.
The result of the testing team's work is a release-ready product that meets both the requirements of the terms of reference and our high quality standards. As documentation, you will receive a full set of test cases for the application and a regression-run at the end of development
What you will get
We are professionally engaged in testing mobile applications. In our projects it is a mandatory and essential stage of work. At the same time, we can connect to any project existing and created not with us and take upon ourselves to provide and support an excellent level of quality.
Our advantages
We are not the first day on the market. Our testers have extensive experience both in testing in general and in the nuances of mobile testing. Our approach to mobile testing is very different from other types of testing. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our knowledge in this area, keeping up with updates and evolving with IT technology.
Using comprehensive testing methods we will find bugs and help to improve the quality of the product on all parameters.
We perform manual testing of mobile applications using a full range of tests, both functional and non-functional.
We are also convenient to work with and comfortable to communicate with.

Testing tools

Our main tool for tracking tasks and maintaining bugs on them is YouTrack. We also often deal with Jira, Trello, Asana. All services have the same working principle, and the team can easily adapt to any tool.
We use to store and maintain test cases for projects, we also have a lot of experience with TestRail. Additionally, we use Notion to store important project information that will be useful for the whole development team.
The testing team uses Charles and Insomnia on a daily basis. We can't imagine our activity without full immersion in the service.
Layout compliance
Analytics systems
Park of test devices
Bug tracking system
Maintaining test documentation

Traffic monitoring, working with APIs
We use Figma to work with layouts. And testers use the service no less actively than developers.
To test analytics events, we connect to any service and understand them if we have not worked with them before. But at the moment we already have the most popular ones on our account - Amplitude, Google Analytics, AppMetrica, AppsFlyer, Pendo, Matomo.
In addition to an extensive number of physical test devices in the office, which we regularly replenish, we use a remote farm of the BrowserStack service. This gives us the opportunity to test applications on the most popular devices and axes, as well as on most of the devices available for full test coverage.

Recent releases

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Mobile app series
Development of over two hundred themed affiliate apps for the largest online sports media outlet.
Development of a startup application on iOS and Android for Dater service.
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Comprehensive application development
We will create a full-featured mobile application for you on a turnkey basis using native development tools.
Describe your task
We provide full-cycle mobile application development services — from business analysis and design to release and further development support. In addition, we can connect to an existing project at any stage.
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