Comprehensive mobile application development

We will create full-featured turnkey mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using native development tools.
Native implementation allows you to write code without limitations, provides high performance, allows you to create complex interfaces and animations, and fully realize all ideas.
We develop applications as comfortable as possible for users, as we use only familiar behavior patterns and follow design guidelines for each platform.
We create applications of any complexity
Easily update code, add new features and functionality
User-friendly interface for every platform
Using native languages without additional layers ensures high performance. Direct interaction of the application with the platform improves responsiveness, increases reliability and stability of the application.
Our applications are recommended by Apple and Google platforms
Ensure high performance
We utilize a modern technology stack with an eye on product scalability. Our developers maximize the potential and advantages of the chosen platform - this allows us to improve the application, easily and quickly release new updates.
We know how to use the advantages of common code technologies
Due to the use of native features of platforms, minimal number of bugs, high ratings from users, our applications are actively published in thematic selections (Featured) of App Store and Google Play, which has a positive impact on the number of downloads and profit.
Understand the benefits of implementing common code for key business logic on mobile platforms using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. The interface always remains native, which is good for the user experience and the look and feel of the application.
Stages of work
In-depth analysis, thoughtful conversations with the client, idea generation, and interaction design are all imperative elements of the documentation and design phase.
Documentation and Design
Technical Documentation is formed in close interaction with the client: customer's business ideas are analyzed, competitors' applications are studied, the list of functionality is formed and prioritized. Each member of our team generates ideas that can be used in the future application.

The result is the documentation of all technical features of the design rendering and application development: the terms of reference for design and development and a navigational map of screens with interconnections between the sections of the future application.
Tools and services we use
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Professional designers will design and prepare the design of each screen of your application. We coordinate with the customer every drawn screen and do not limit the number of edits.
We use modern tools for design: Figma, Principle to create a clickable prototype, so you can directly on your own smartphone evaluate the interface of the future application and get the first emotions from using the product. An example of such a design can be seen at the link.

Developers will receive all the necessary materials for the layout of the application - a styleguide with fonts and color palette, screens with different states and specification of elements, timings for animations, and a scenario map will allow to trace all variants of the user's movement through the application.
Tools and services we use
Technical experts will design or audit the API for the mobile app.
API design or audit
We will take over the API design stage (basic recommendations, method content description, etc.), which will allow us to design the optimal API for the application in order to optimize development effort.

An alternative to designing an API from scratch is to audit an existing or already designed API by your specialists in order to identify suboptimal solutions for interaction with the application.
Tools and services we use
Google Docs
Ideas and functions are translated into code. Already a couple of weeks after the start of development, you can install a build with the first functions of the application.
Development and testing
During the development phase, we provide intermediate builds of the application, giving you the opportunity to monitor the development progress and suggest changes. After all the checks and testing, a build is created that is ready to be uploaded to the app store. After that, the application is sent to the store for testing at the customer's command, and we deliver to the customer the source code of the application with a readme file, which contains a description of the architecture, as well as a list of used libraries and technical solutions.
Tools and services we use
Android Studio
Firebase Distribution
The project does not end with the release of the first version of the mobile application. We will analyze the usage of the mobile application, monitor its stability, and plan new features so that users get even more benefit and pleasure from using the product, and the business solves its tasks more efficiently!
The story of 10 years of development and support of project series of mobile applications

Work format
More than 40 companies have made their business more mobile and successful with our help. We are ready to use this experience to help you grow.
We work both in Fix Price format - preliminary estimate, fixed cost and deadlines.
And in T&M (Time & Material) format - fixed rates, payment based on the actual hours spent by specialists on a monthly basis.
Applications for buying and selling consumer goods and services or improving the online shopping experience and capabilities.
Ginza DeliveryKassir.ruLe’Murrr
Utility applications that help users solve a problem or accomplish a specific task.
Sports and Health
Apps for clinic appointments, online health directories, and professional or amateur sports-related activities.
Apps for media and periodicals focused on digital or terrestrial broadcasting, with frequent content updates.
Applications that perform financial transactions and help the user with business or personal financial tasks.
Cryptopay Coinchange
Apps that help with any aspect of traveling: planning, booking, buying or tracking.
Value-added services
Basic marketing
Your application is ready, but there is no one to test it?
Describe your task
Our QA will evaluate its quality, reliability and user-friendliness.
We provide full-cycle mobile application development services — from business analysis and design to release and further development support. In addition, we can connect to an existing project at any stage.
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