We could write here what responsible professionals we are, but that's not for us to decide, it's for our clients. That's why only sincere feedback from our favourite customers is here.
Our goal is to start an endless video party on the phones that you want to come back to.
We followed the path of a web app for a long time: we believed in the potential of this exotic platform. But in the end we recognized that for an adequate retention rate Dater should be completely translated into a native mobile application. We chose CleverPumpkin for development when we saw that their product "ideology" and ambitions coincided with ours. The coolest task was to transfer WebRTC calls on VoxImplant platform to SRT protocol with their own server. We also had to work on synchronization of video calls between Android and iOS devices.

The result is the first release of a nice Dater application with working key functions. Now we will build various fun mechanics on this foundation.
Логотип Coinchange
— Oleg Dater
Dater Founder & CEO
Coinchange logo
The guys from CleverPumpkin helped us with the launch of our mobile applications for the Coinchange service for iOS and Android.
Since the service was already working in the web-interface, the work was not easy, we had to interact with our back-end and understand the domain area.

Colleagues actively worked with us and met us at every stage of development and in every release;
Independently reviewed requirements, made recommendations and took the initiative to improve the product;
Delivered builds quickly and ensured a high level of quality;
Responded quickly to any feedback;

As a result: 60+ thousand registrations in the first few weeks of the app's existence in AppStore and PlayMarket!

We are happy to continue working and developing our joint application Coinchange together with the guys. On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank you for your proactive stance, speed, quality work!
— Oleg Serebrany
Логотип Coinchange
Coinchange logo
We have been working with CleverPumpkin for almost 10 years. During this time, the teams, products and technologies have changed, but the guys' involvement in's business has always been unchanged - it is thanks to this attitude that we have calmly passed all the most difficult situations. Every time people ask me to recommend a studio or complain about a bad experience with outsourcing, I cite our partnership with CleverPumpkin as an example!
— Mark Ten
CEO logo
We ordered the creation of a mobile application from CleverPumpkin. The developers and designers completely took care of all the creation, design and testing tasks. If necessary, they are ready to send the app for builds at any time of the day without weekends and holidays. They also do everything on their own in terms of Appstore and Google stores.

The output was a quality product with well thought-out functionality.

We received timely answers to all our questions. In the process of work a lot of ideas were proposed, which, when implemented, really brought results. I am glad that the company employs responsible, friendly and experienced employees who care about the result. The CleverPumpkin team also thought of additional possibilities. We are happy with the work done and continue to cooperate with this company, improving our mobile application with their help.

On behalf of the whole team of the company "Cashier" we would like to thank you for fruitful cooperation and quality work!
Product-manager logo
— Ksenia Borzhova
Even at the very beginning of our communication, it became clear that CleverPumpkin can be approached by a customer with any background and task and get a great product as a result. The team works proactively and with full immersion in the context at all stages of development: from the initial requirements to testing and release of the application in the stores.

They have a clear process in place, where the customer will be guided painlessly and seamlessly, sharing their expertise in mobile development, but listening sensitively to their wishes. The team knows how to find compromises and offer suitable alternatives.

Thanks to the CleverPumpkin team's experience, we managed to package the complex structure and perception of statistics into an easy-to-read and intuitive interface that our partners can now work with.

I am confident that we will continue to work with CleverPumpkin on this and any other mobile development projects and recommend them as reliable partners and passionate professionals.
Логотип Travelpayouts
— Rustam Karabaev
Travelpayouts logo
CleverPumpkin is a pleasure to work with. Here we received high quality work on our products, comfortable prices and quality support. Strong and professional team, it is a great pleasure to work together.
— Denis Kryuchkov
 Логотип Хабрахабра
Habr logo
We can't help children without new, modern, convenient mechanisms for collecting donations. And the mobile application that CleverPumpkin so professionally and carefully created for our foundation solves this problem. We wanted to make it convenient for benefactors to help children, become a donor, volunteer and find out the news of the foundation. All of this works, thanks to a great implementation, which means the foundation is getting more and more benefactors
Логотип Подари Жизнь
Give Life logo
— Chulpan Khamatova
Actress, co-founder "Give a Life"
Working with the CleverPumpkin team gives much more than a quality product. The depth of knowledge and experience of Denis and his staff, their love for business and initiative have opened many doors for us in the IT sphere and enriched us with numerous ideas for the development of our business. We have been cooperating for more than three years now and have no intention to stop.
— Pavel Sergeev
Логотип Сметтер
Smetter logo
Product Development Director
Excellent work from discussing the concept to release!
The team professionally and quickly works through all stages of planning, design, development, launch of applications. Clearly organized processes of approvals and communications.
It was easy and a pleasure to work. All wishes were built into the architecture, changes were accepted with understanding, and the guys offered their own, often very interesting and useful, ideas.
Discussions of complex technical issues were always held with the participation of developers, which simplified the process of making the best decision.

The team is always in touch, any question is not left unanswered - be it a technical problem, or a bug found, or the need to consult about analytics on the use of the application.
Project management was very transparent, problems were never silenced, all situations were discussed to find the best solution.
I would also like to note that the team is positively curious (which is rare!), so they never rejected such ideas as "Let's figure out how to upload an application to Huawei AppGallery?" or "Let's see how to build an application for MacOS?".
Логотип SAU
— Raisa Elsakova
 SAU app logo
During the project, the CleverPumpkin team was actively involved in all stages of the application development, in discussing new features, as well as making suggestions to improve the usability of the application. In case of problems, the developers promptly found the reasons and corrected the application. This is not the first project we develop together.
— Vlad Komissarov
Логотип SHAR
SHAR app logo
Thanks to CleverPumpkin team for helping us hire inhouse mobile development team. Quality and on time, it's a pleasure to work with them.
— Maxim Khryashchev
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Pikabu logo
We appreciate and value our clients, so we make every application as though it were for ourselves. We can provide one-time services or collaborate on a regular basis.
We rank high in various mobile developer rankings. CleverPumpkin ranks in the Top 10 of most rankings in the country in 2023.

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