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CleverPumpkin has been developing top-notch customized mobile applications since 2011. We appreciate and love our clients, that's why we make each application as if for ourselves, we provide a full cycle of services for mobile application development.
Denis Germanenko
CEO & Board Member
"Our mission is to create quality mobile applications that make people's lives better! We are constantly working on it, thanks to our well-built processes, highly qualified employees and attention to details."

Founders and leadership
It all started in 2011 with two founders of the company, and a year later there were four shareholders. Since 2012 the company has been managed by Denis Germanenko.
CEO & Board Member
Denis Germanenko
Board Member
Vanya Kozlov
Board Member
Viktor Kozlov
Board Member
Seva Billevich
Head of PMO
Lada Larkina
Sasha Kiyaikin
People are our most valuable asset! We develop them and maintain a healthy atmosphere in the team!
Рисунок коллектива
Our customers speak warmly about us, we occupy leading positions in Russian ratings, and our applications are made with quality and love.
Reviews and Achievements.
We could write here what responsible professionals we are, but that's not for us to decide, it's for our clients. That's why only sincere feedback from our favourite customers is here.

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