We appreciate and value our clients, so we make every application as though it were for ourselves. We can provide one-time services or collaborate on a regular basis.
Documentation and Planning
In-depth analysis, thoughtful conversations with the client, generation of ideas, interaction design - all these are mandatory elements of the stage of creating documentation and design.
Technical documentation
Screen navigation
Technical documentation for design and development
Documentation is formed during close interaction with the client. The customer's business ideas are analyzed, the current client applications (if any) are analyzed, competitor applications are analyzed, a list of functionality is formed. Documentation of all the technical features of design rendering and writing application code is performed.
Screen navigation map
A screen map simplifies the visual perception of the application to be developed. You can see the volume of screens, the relationship between different sections of the application.
Professional designers will design and prepare a clean design for each screen and function of your application
Design of all screens in different states
Design Specification for Developers
Design of all screens in different states
We coordinate with the customer each rendered screen and do not limit the number of edits.
Upon request, we provide a clickable prototype so that you can "go over" the static screens of the future application and get the first emotions from using the product.
We use the most modern design tools - Sketch App, Invision, Principle and Zeplin
Design Specification for Developers
Developers will receive all the necessary materials for the layout of the application - a style guide with fonts and a color palette, screens with various states and element measurements, timing for animations. Most often we use the Zeplin service for this.
Development and testing
Ideas and functions are embodied in code. Within a couple of weeks after the start of development, it will be possible to install the assembly with the first functions of the application.
Application Ready for the App Store | Google play
Application source code
Application Ready for the App Store | Google play
The stage ends with the creation of an assembly that is fully tested and ready to be downloaded to the application store. After that, the application is sent for verification to the store at the command of the customer.
Application source code
Along with the completion of the stage, we transfer to the customer the source code of the application with a readme-file, which contains a description of the architecture, various features, as well as a list of libraries and technical solutions used.
The project does not end with the release of the first version of the mobile application. Ahead is the period of analyzing the use of the mobile application, tracking its stability, planning new functions, so that users get even more benefit and pleasure from using the product.
Your ideas and desires will be realized with CleverPumpkin!
Interaction format
We can work both in the Fix Price format - a preliminary estimate, a fixed cost and terms.
So in the T&M format - Time & Material; fixed rates, payment on actual hours spent by specialists monthly.
Additional services
Basic marketing
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