App development for visionOS

We will develop applications of any complexity for Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary device designed for an unprecedented level of immersion in the Apple ecosystem.
Our experts will enable your customers to utilize all the features of the latest digital AR/VR systems for the most advanced mixed reality headset.
Why us
For more than 12 years we have been creating software products for Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and macOS
We are ready to realize complex and non-standard projects, including those with changing requirements.
We build transparent processes with our customers and provide regular updates on the progress of work.
We work not only with customer projects, but also develop our own successful products.
We select optimal and up-to-date technical solutions for your product depending on your technological needs.
We use extensive experience of direct interaction with Apple developers to competently assess labor costs and quality of applications for the new platform.

VisionOS features

Create customized workspaces to fit your needs: browse the web, create to-do lists, socialize, learn, and easily switch between apps.
Seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices: synchronize with iCloud, sync with popular Apple APIs, and use Apple Continuity to seamlessly switch between devices.
Combine multiple levels of space and total immersion: turn a room into a personal theater and expand the app's media content to the right size from windowed to 360° VR.
Support for real-space navigation using digital layer elements. Build routes and navigation elements in augmented reality, create interactive objects, marks and hints attached to real objects and locations.
visionOS provides a unique way to interact with the app: control content not only with your hands or voice, but also with your gaze.
Projects using virtual collaboration and remote working capabilities with enhanced visualization for presentations and data analysis.
Our experience allows us to create any type of application for the Apple ecosystem: eCom, services, fintech, enterprise or even social networks - our specialists are qualified to offer the best solution for your task. We will help you decide on the functionality and design, perform all necessary research and calculations, develop and test the product ready for release.

Application adaptation for visionOS

When adapting an existing application for visionOS, designers prepare a unique spatial interface design in accordance with Apple's official UI-kit. Each visual element is re-created to create new ways of interaction and depth effect.

What technologies and tools are used?

SwiftUI allows developers to integrate 3D objects into the application, place and animate content, and create scenes in visionOS' spatial elements: windows, volumes, and spaces.
RealityKit is used to implement high-performance 3D modeling and rendering. RealityKit utilizes the information provided by the ARKit infrastructure to seamlessly integrate virtual objects into the real world.
ARKit is Apple's unified platform for creating applications using augmented reality.
Xcode 15 helps you integrate existing projects into visionOS or create entirely new applications for this platform.
Reality Composer Pro is a tool for previewing and preparing 3D content for visionOS applications.
Do you have a ready application design?
We develop applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, tvOS and use native development tools and native platform languages.
Describe your task
We provide full-cycle mobile application development services — from business analysis and design to release and further development support. In addition, we can connect to an existing project at any stage.
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