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CleverPumpkin studio develops UX and UI design of mobile apps - native and cross-platform projects for iOS and Android.

We formulate what the application is created for, what problems it solves, what results the customer wants to achieve. We find out what style corresponds to the business, what is relevant in this sphere. We study competitors, assess the pros and cons, find a direction to stand out favorably against competitors.
We design user scenarios in the form of a screen map, determine how users will interact with the elements of the mobile application and what paths they will take to perform the target actions.
Design concept
We think through the visual style of the application, choose the color palette, fonts, and layout of interface elements. The goal of this stage is to create an original visual image of the interface and proceed to the stage of designing the entire application.
Design rendering
We create the design of the application, work out the states and behavior of screens in different situations. Prepare mockups of light and dark themes. Create GUI with application components according to mobile platform guideline.
Design testing
Test the app design with the help of interactive prototype, identify logical errors in user scenarios and look for improvement options. We conduct joint reviews with developers, discuss whether the final design solutions are suitable for native development and, if necessary, simplify the style of interface components, offering the customer options with different labor costs.
Transfer to development and maintenance
Once the design is finalized and approved, we prepare the specification of screens and interface elements. We describe the behavior of the interface in complex scenarios. And after that we pass the layouts to developers.

Stages of work

Mobile application design for businesses and startups is developed in several stages. Technical drawing of interface elements is only a small part of a complex process, which is based on business analytics, study of target audience and competitors.
Our studio will help to develop a design for any project, both standard and non-standard.
For design we use modern tools - Figma, Principle and Affinity Design


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in the rating of mobile application design developers in the category "Media and publishing houses"
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in the annual ranking of Mobile-developers for medium-sized businesses
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in the rating of mobile application design developers in the category "Non-profit and public organizations".
Recent releases
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Coinchange helps build a cryptocurrency portfolio, securely transfer and exchange popular tokens.
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Mobile app series
Development of over two hundred themed affiliate apps for the largest online sports media outlet.
Development of a startup application on iOS and Android for Dater service.
Mobile app Dater
iOS / Android
Comprehensive application development
We will create a full-featured mobile application for you on a turnkey basis using native development tools.
Describe your task
We provide full-cycle mobile application development services — from business analysis and design to release and further development support. In addition, we can connect to an existing project at any stage.
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