Visual design of the application page

in App Store and Google Play

When choosing a mobile product in Google Play or App Store, be it a game or an app, users are guided not only by their needs, but also by the description and visual design of the page in the Store. Properly done visuals demonstrate the most important qualities of the product and attract users - it is especially important if the application is not very famous yet and has few downloads.
We are ready to help you design screenshots in storages, create the best images for your app, solving the main task - to interest people to install the app.
Analyze the app and highlight its key features
We identify the most valuable features of the app that will be of interest to users. At the same time, we tune out our competitors: we study those apps that are ranked high in search results, select the design, find the options that will look the best - and prepare sketches.
Writing texts and creating images
To visualize the main functions, we take screenshots from the current application or use mocaps. Add text information to images if necessary. A captivating image and good engaging text will quickly convey the message to the user and spark their interest.
Prepare meta images, taking into account the requirements of the stores
App Store and Google Play have different requirements for screenshots - we prepare suitable variants for each platform. The main features, advantages and achievements of the application are reflected in the first two screenshots
To increase the project audience at the expense of users from other countries, we adapt graphic materials for local markets, change graphic elements, translate descriptions, keys, title, captions on images.

How we use meta to increase visitors' interest

Decorate meta for holidays

Valentine's Day, March 8, September 1 or Black Friday?
We will prepare a meta design for any holiday.

It will help you stand out from your competitors, promote a new service for the nearest event and simply show that the application is "alive" and you are interested in your customers.

Competent visual design of the product in the app store is the key to user interest.
Comprehensive application development
We will create a full-featured mobile application for you on a turnkey basis using native development tools.
Mobile application design
We will create a mobile application design for iOS and Android platforms, ready for development.
Describe your task
We provide full-cycle mobile application development services — from business analysis and design to release and further development support. In addition, we can connect to an existing project at any stage.
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