Search Engine Optimization of Mobile Apps in Stores

There are millions of mobile applications in the App Store and Google Play stores and new ones are released every day. Competition in this market is very high, and to be in the top, it is not enough to develop a high-quality and popular product. In order for an application to avoid the fate of "invisible", it is important to pay attention to search engine optimization - ASO.
Improving the display of a mobile app in App Store and Google Play search results. Proper optimization affects the ranking of the application within the store system.
Increased user interest in the product due to a well-thought-out title and description - they maximize the application's capabilities and emphasize its benefits.
Increased traffic from the search bar. Since the app will be higher in search, more people will be able to see and install it.
Reduced cost per lead. Organic user growth from search reduces the cost of traffic overall.
Increased user retention rate. The right design that meets customer expectations builds more trust and makes them want to use the product.
Increased competitiveness. The better the optimization is done, the more chances the app has to interest the consumer against other options.
ASO helps to develop the product - by analyzing requests we identify user needs, get information about potential application improvements and possible new functionality.
ASO (App Store Optimization) is a set of actions aimed at increasing the visibility of your app in the store and increasing the number of organic installs.
This process is as important as a product release - similar to website SEO, ASO ensures that your app rises in store search results - so consumers will find it easier to see.
What will you get after ASO?

How does the ASO process work?
We identify several interrelated services that together promote your application and help it to hold top positions among competitors.
Before we start work, we conduct a free initial audit of the app's page in the Stores, evaluation of competitors' app pages, their visual and textual elements. This allows us to dive into the essence of the application and assess the need for ASO.
During the audit we find out how the client sees the future result, what goals he sets, whether our support will be needed at each stage, and on the basis of this data we estimate the scope of future work.
ASO audit
  1. Collecting data about the application, its goals and objectives, user pains.
  2. Analyzing the scope to better understand the purpose of the app.
  3. Target Audience analysis to attract potential users.
  4. Analyzing competitors' app pages in Stores (from 5 pcs.) to understand trends, advantages and disadvantages, as well as how the app can stand out from competitors.
  5. Evaluation of textual and visual elements of the application.
  6. Detailed analysis of the materials obtained during the analysis, creation of preliminary hypotheses and developments for subsequent actions.
Selection and optimization of text elements on app pages in App Store and Google Play for mobile app promotion.
Text ASO
  1. Keyword analytics and optimization, semantic core collection.
  2. Creating variants of new titles, descriptions and update texts, based on the selected keys.
  3. Testing new text elements, selecting the most "suitable/beneficial/interesting".
Selecting the most converting visual elements for app pages in App Store and Google Play to promote the mobile app.
Visual ASO
  1. Creation of icon variants, screenshot concepts, video animations.
  2. Testing new visual elements, selecting the best variants.
Working on improving the rating of an app is very important for promotion. An app with a low rating is unlikely to make it to the top of the storages and user recommendations.
Rating and reviews
  1. Collecting data on the current handling of reviews and ratings. How reviews are handled, whether the pitch and style of responses match the scope of the app, etc.
  2. Creating recommendations to improve rankings.
  3. Publishing feedback responses from our side or accompanying feedback processes (all feedback responses are adjusted to the recommended format and style).
  4. Testing new formats for working with ratings.
When all recommendations have been addressed and applied to the app page, we continue to work on improvements:
  1. Introduce new ideas for text and visuals for the app pages.
  2. We make adjustments based on the results of the work performed.
  3. We evaluate the achievement of the app's goals and the dynamics of promotion in the stores.
  4. Test new formats and analyze effectiveness.
ASO is not a one-time action, but continuous activities aimed at maintaining the competitiveness of the application: periodic introduction of additional elements, upgrades, taking into account trends in the field of application development, monitoring competitors.

We at CleverPumpkin provide a full range of mobile app promotion through ASO.
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We will create a full-featured mobile application for you on a turnkey basis using native development tools.
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We provide full-cycle mobile application development services — from business analysis and design to release and further development support. In addition, we can connect to an existing project at any stage.
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