Business analysis

Any applications are created with a certain purpose. Most often they are necessary for business, are a modern extension of it and give an opportunity to be in constant contact with the user.

However, applications are not always able to achieve the results for which they are created - and it's not the quality of the work itself, but the fact that a comprehensive assessment of tasks and their links to the business was not carried out.

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Business analysis is a cumulative system of actions aimed at studying:

Your business, all its stages and the specifics of its operation
Your customers, their goals and needs
Specifics of the industry and competitors
Relevant software tools that can realize the task
As a result of such analysis you get a complete visualization of your business structure, taking into account the work of the mobile application and explaining the relationship of functions and tasks to be solved.
Determine how the customer sees the product
Find out how the creators of the product understand its goals and objectives, what characteristics they see. We identify the essence of the project itself, what it is created for. To do this, it is important to understand the logic and stages of the client's business, to create its visual scheme.

Then it is necessary to correlate the initial wishes of the client and the results of our analysis, to determine whether the application in the way it is described by the client solves the problems that the business faces. Often at this stage new ideas may arise, the development direction or even the application concept itself may change.
Analyze user needs
Here we dive into market research, segment the market, identify target persons and identify their main experiences and problems that the client wants to solve with the help of their product.

We determine what the client needs and what obstacles he faces on the way to his goal, analyze how the application will help to cope with these obstacles, how it can change the life of users.
Conduct a competitive analysis
We study how competitors solve similar problems, whether there are good ideas that can be taken as an example and improved.

Identify what challenges they have faced and how they can be avoided. Also identify what will be a competitive advantage and help to build off similar applications as much as possible.
Build an optimal project structure
At this stage, we detail how to integrate the application into the business, how to coordinate and combine different systems so that they solve the tasks.

We work out all possible scenarios of user behavior and corresponding reactions of the application, form a list of screens that will contain only what is necessary to close the needs, without unnecessary functions. During the design of tasks we take into account their labor intensity, and offer optimization, if necessary.
Plan further development
We select those functions that need to be implemented first and those that will be developed in subsequent versions of the application

Determine the prospects of product development taking into account the needs of users.

We set metrics, analyze significant indicators, and adjust the work if necessary.

If the client has new requirements to the project, we discuss them with him, assess risks and costs, and offer optimal solutions.

How we conduct business analysis

What you get by ordering business analysis from us

Business analysis allows you to significantly speed up the development of your product. This is achieved by creating a statement of work - a document with clearly spelled out comprehensive and non-contradictory requirements for the future product - the only thing left to do is to implement it. Thanks to a clear project structure, designers, developers and QA-engineers are engaged only in their tasks.
Business analysis gives an opportunity to consider the future product as a whole, to see interrelationships and features of the application, to detect user scenarios and screen states that were not taken into account earlier. As a result, you will not have to spend resources on solving unforeseen issues in the future.
Higher product implementability
Exactly what the client needs
Saving time
Cost reduction
At the sales stage, business analysis helps to determine what risks there are and how feasible the requirements are, and our team will select the optimal solution. As a result, all issues are clarified in advance, and you won't have to make changes to the application implementation later on.
With the help of business analysis we study the "pains" of users, business goals of the client and stakeholders. Even before the start of development we describe and agree on how the application will look like. The client gets exactly the product that he and his users need.

The result of the business analyst's work

List of requirements, which describes: the essence of the project, what business problems it solves, what user requests it satisfies, how it is interconnected with other business processes.
Terms of reference for design and development, describing in detail the logic of the application.
Map of screens, schematic representation and logic of interaction and transitions between screens.
Prototype of the application, where the main screens are mapped and user scenarios are taken into account.
It is possible to add a backlog of the future product for developers, where the necessary functions are specified in the order of priority and a preliminary assessment of the implementation is given.
A list of APIs, thanks to which the application will be interconnected with servers, taking into account the logic of your business.
After the business analysis, we issue final documents that you can rely on in the future. These include:
Thus, business analysis allows you to prepare for the development of your application and form a solid foundation for the logic of processes - based on it, you can not only create a quality product, but also be sure that it will work and fulfill your tasks.
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