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Все 17 лет нашей работы мы стремимся сделать всё возможное, чтобы благотворительность становилась нормой жизни, вписывалась в повседневные привычки любого человека. Проще говоря, делаем всё, чтобы людям было удобно и приятно помогать. Когда мы начинали работу, благотворителям приходилось распечатывать наши квитанции, заполнять в них длинные значения реквизитов, нести квитанцию в банк, стоять там в очереди. Сейчас, чтобы помочь, нужно просто достать телефон и сделать пару кликов. И потом также просто получить push-уведомление о том, кому помогли ваши 100, 300, 500 рублей. Мобильное приложение делает помощь удобной, быстрой. В нем есть доступ к самым главным новостям фонда, информация, как стать донором и волонтером. В таком формате, который позволяет вписываться в современный и привычный для большинства стиль потребления контента. Мы благодарны CleverPumpkin за то, что создали его для нас, а Aviasales за многолетнюю поддержку на этом пути.
— Екатерина Шергова
Логотип Подари Жизнь
Директор благотворительного фонда «Подари жизнь»
Give Life logo
логотип подари жизнь

A project in our portfolio that we are particularly proud of is the development of a mobile application for the Gift of Life Charitable Fund

Gift of Life
We have been helping since 2015 together with
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"Gift of Life" is a fund to help children with oncohematologic and other serious diseases. The mobile application is an additional source of information about the charity and a convenient way of financial support for those who help the fund.
What we have done
Designed the interface, rendered the design, wrote the code, tested and released the mobile apps on iOS and Android.
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Technology and tools
Engineering and design
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We created mobile applications for iOS and Android, which translated the ideas of charity into help for seriously ill children. They were designed to solve three main tasks: monetary aid, donor support and volunteering.
The Gift of Life Fund’s app became the first in Russia where it became possible to use ApplePay and GooglePay mobile payment tools for charitable transfers. Until then, such a technical possibility was not available in Russia. The design of the iOS version of the app has also changed.
As a result of the app update, a new Android version design was introduced that displays the Fund’s symbolism and values.

In addition, new features were added to the apps, designed to inform and provide feedback to benefactors and motivate them to perform new acts of kindness.
The updated iOS app was released: we completely rewrote the code, redesigned and added new interface elements.

The app on both platforms has a new section "Donor Calendar", where it is convenient to schedule donations and add them to the app calendar.

We also added collecting of analytics, thanks to which the Fund will be able to track regular donors and reward them with gifts.
We cannot help children without new, modern, convenient mechanisms for collecting donations. And the mobile application that CleverPumpkin so professionally and carefully created for our fund solves this problem. We wanted to make it convenient for benefactors to help children, become a donor, volunteer and find out the news about the fund. All this works, thanks to a great implementation, which means that the fund has more and more benefactors.
Chulpan Khamatova
Actress, co-founder of the Gift of Life Fund
The application welcomes users with a description of possible options to help the Fund’s patients — to help with money, to become a blood donor or a volunteer. But every person can help in different ways. For this purpose, we have placed a list of alternative ways of helping that anyone can accomplish.
The section contains information about the organization’s activities and its main objectives. There is also a full list of channels through which you can contact representatives and learn the latest news of the Fund.
About the Fund
The main function of this section is to provide users with an opportunity to give money to children in need. For this purpose, convenient and familiar to people methods of money transfers are provided: Quick payment system, SberPay, SMS or by card.
Help with money
As a thank you, after each donation, a part of the child’s drawing is painted on the app. Just five good deeds and a colored story about how the young author sees the world will appear. The drawing can be kept as a memento of the good deed.

This approach not only helps to raise funds for charity, but also creates a positive experience and good memories of good deeds among the app users.
The second important focus of the charity is blood donation.

In order to attract donors and encourage those who have already donated blood to donate again, we need a tool that can explain the nuances, inspire and help them sign up.

In the app, you can learn about the procedure in detail, take a test for contraindications to blood donation and schedule a blood donation through the donor calendar.
Blood donation
A new section that will help you plan your donation conveniently. In the calendar you can choose the date and place of the next donation of blood or its components.

The application will help you to calculate the date of the next donation and warn you if the time since the last donation is short. It will also remind you about the scheduled procedure by notification or letter.

We’ve also added collecting analytics. With this option, the Foundation will be able to track regular donors and reward them with gifts.
Donor Calendar
This section tells users about how important social support is for children who are undergoing long-term treatment. And any active involvement of people who are not indifferent, be it joint games, master classes, or just conversations with children requires time and commitment. For these purposes, the Fund actively engages volunteers.
In the app you can read about the tasks of the helpers and find out what kind of support the Fund’s beneficiaries are looking for. There you can also fill out an application form and join the ranks of volunteers.
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