Quiick Apps [2015-2017]

iPhone (iOS), Android
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About Client App


Quiick provides clients instant "live" casual translation and interpretation services. No computer translations! No texting and waiting for message response, simply live, real-time communication. This particular application is invaluable in everyday situations: bargaining with salespeople, negotiating with taxi drivers and asking directions from passers-by. All you need is Internet access.


How it works:

  1. Choose the target language and click the call button.
  2. Quiick will connect you with an assistant who speaks this language (Quiick Angel).
  3. You explain the situation and use the casual translation and interpretation services.
  4. After the conversation, don’t forget to rate the assistant.


You can try it out for free: after you register you will have a trial sessions to assess the capabilities of the service.
Your opinion about the quality of the interpreter’s work will determine whether they will be able to continue working for Quiick.


About Translator App

Are you fluent in one or more foreign languages?


Start earning with Quiick Angel.


You do not have to be a professional simultaneous interpreter.What matters is that you are fluent in the target language, as well as willing and able to help people in everyday situations: to negotiate with a shop assistant, a taxi driver, the hotel manager.  This is all about communication - in person, over the phone.


For every hour of work you will receive US$30.  No commission payable to anyone.

How things work:

  1. When you first start the application - register and select languages for translation from the list. If you cannot find the desired language on the list, please contact us at support@quiick.com
  2. You will be able to receive calls from customers only in the "Available" mode. If you do not want to receive calls from customers at the moment, please switch to "Hidden".
  3. We do not conduct interviews and do not ask you to provide qualification certificates. Instead you are evaluated by the customers. To start earning with Quiick, you need to prove your skills and get a positive rating. In order to do this you are required to answer customer calls without receiving any negative assessment three times in a row.
  4. The funds earned for every minute of every call are accumulated on your Quiick account.You can transfer them to your PayPal account at any time.
  5. Please take evaluation by the clients seriously. In case of receiving three consecutive negative evaluations, a negative rating will be assigned to you, which means you will be disconnected from the service for a week, and will have to go through the process of proving your ability to interpret once again.